Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ADL to censor videos

My last video made the point that it is a waste of time to debate the Left. The announcement by YouTube to have the ADL as official censors of speech proves my point.

Leftists can no longer win the argument so they are resorting to violence. Restricting political speech is a form of violence and justifies self-defense. If you are not able to debate a subject, the only option left is violence.

So it goes.


  1. The next step in our awakening is ....Nationalism and the realisation of who is behind the intended destruction of our National culture and identity.
    It has happened in virtually every European country over the centuries - and the same people have always been responsible and eventually expelled from those countries.
    I sincerely believe that mass immigration is now being used as a tool to irradiate our European identity and hence reduce the threat of another rise of Nationalism to the you-know-whoos.

  2. Looks like someone at YOUTUBE got a big "$ Payday $" from the ADL. Money can make people do really strange things. I guess very soon the only videos you can view on YOUTUBE will be the boring politically correct horseshit the ADL thinks is relevant.

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