Friday, August 4, 2017

Why we need Free Speech

I will be traveling on Saturday to attend a private forum on Sunday. The event will discuss various issues that are in the news - Free Speech, immigration, trade and foreign relations. Several university professors will be speaking. And I am honored to also be a speaker. My travel was 100% paid for by the organizers of this event.

The event is not that radical but, sadly, we live in a society that is now trying to silence all dissent through censorship, economic terrorism and even physical violence. As such, I will not reveal the location until after the event.

My next video will be on Wednesday. Have a good weekend!


  1. Hey Paul,
    I used to be a patron on patreon but left because of the L.Sothern thing.

    Regardless I am passing to you this new story from Brazil, where I am from originally.
    The story is about this Actress in Brazil that proudly has setup to come and have her child in the USA explicitly and openly for citizenship purposes.


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