Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville Thoughts

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement Saturday indicating a federal investigation has been opened into the events surrounding the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


  1. Ramz, I'm torn between the two schools.
    I love the daily Stormer website and what Anglin is doing - which I believe is to shift the Overton Window to the Right using whit and humour - but at the same time I realise the Pavlovian effect all that Nazi imagery has on the general day-to-day decent non-political white guy.
    Hopefully, the evidence of intentional white cultural and racial genocide is now so great that even the average gentle white man is now going to see through the (((media))) propaganda.
    Either way, time is running out.

  2. Wow Ramz

    Really? Really? I get your point but what you don't seem to get is that YOU will be NEXT!

    We on the right, further right than you may well indeed be persecuted via RICO etc, but you think you are going to escape because you refuse to use Nazi imagery? Really?

    You are NEXT Ramz. People like you who refuse to own the insult will be grouped in to the Alt Right, Nazi label no matter how much you disavow, condemn etc, whether you like it to not.

    That is a FACT!

    So you have a choice Ramz. You can keep up your failing tactics and go the way of the Boers of South Africa or you can man up, own the insults (Nazi, White Supremacists etc) like people at the Daily Stormer and FIGHT BACK!

    It's do or die Ramz and right now you're choosing death!

  3. There does come a point where people have to stop caring what others think, and become willing to physically fight for what they believe in, fight for survival....the question is when.

  4. If the mentally ill guy who rammed his car into those antifas and blm fools was inspired by the rhetoric of the legal protesters and demonstrators and therefore the protest organizers are responsible then that psychopath Bernie Sanders admirer who shot and wounded several Republican Representatives a couple of months ago was inspired by the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders therefore Bernie Sanders should be arrested and charged with the near fatal assault.


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