Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Alt Right - What went wrong?

Initially the Alt Right was a broad coalition of people who rejected mainstream conservatism. However, the movement was not involved with the old school 14/88 White Nationalism. It was fundamentally identity politics for our people without the neo-nazi baggage.

I published an article on January 5, 2016 that explained my vision of the Alt Right.

Sadly, the movement was co-opted by the Hollywood Nazis once Richard Spencer aligned with the Daily Stormer after the infamous "Heilgate".  I warned Richard about the dangers of associating with these Hollywood Nazis privately and in a video response to him. But he insisted on doing a podcast with Anglin the week after Heilgate.

At that time, The Right Stuff (TRS) also aligned with the Daily Stormer. Weev was involved with their web site administration and Anglin was a frequent guest. Based on that I knew it was impossible to rehabilitate the brand, so I ceased to call myself Alt Right.

The establishment has now used Charlottesville as an excuse to shut down anything remotely associated to the Alt Right. We are now witnessing Soviet tier censorship and clamp down on dissent.


  1. The central question is this: Do you see your nation as your home or your apartment?

    If you see it as your home, your people collectively hold the title on the property.
    If you see it as your apartment, then it's just a lease held by individuals and can be revoked.
    And those with leases than titles can be evicted and replaced with new occupants.

    Title or Lease? That is your choice. National Ownership of the Title OR Rented Property owned by a handful of Globalist Oligarchs. Globalists hate Putin and Russia because they nationalized natural resources as the property of all Russians, not private property to be owned by globo-oligarchs who 'rent' and 'lease' them out to the Russians.

    The Elite Globalists see all of the West as their property, not yours. They see themselves as the landlords with the power to rent out national property to people-as-apartment-dwellers.
    So, white people in Europe or New Europe(America and Canada) are denied collective ownership of their nation. Th entire nation is just private property owned by globalist landlords who lease it out to 'diversity'. Replacism is the Name of the Game.

    In a sane world, each individual owns his personal-private property, BUT the nation-as-civilization-history-and-culture is owned collectively by all patriots.

    Globalists push the Renter-Principle on ALL PEOPLES... except guess which nation? Israel where the Jews are recognized as the Eternal Title-Holders to their own nation.

    Why do globalists deny such Principle of Patriotic Ownership of Homeland to Poles and Hungarians?

    Wake up people.

    1. I love reading your writings. It's good cess. In particular, I like how you harp on the power of black bulls. Are there any black bulls that you think are most powerful?? Also, why do you have a girl's pen name?? You are a man, correct??

  2. Excellent summary of the situation, AOL.

    To parody that great thinker GW Bush: "You're either with us (Rightists of any stripe) or you are with the (((Globalists)))"

    At this point in the battle, I will give full support to anyone on the Right, whether it be Richard Spencer or Andrew Anglin or RamZpaul

  3. Do you seriously believe that if Spencer had just not associated with the DS or TRS the result would have been any different? Of course it wouldn't.

    The same Leftist thugs would have been sent in to attack the Whites, the same MSM would have branded the Whites as evil racist Nazis and blamed them for the violence and sought to shut them down.

    The only real question here is not about whether we should use Nazi symbols, but what is the best way to deflect any damage from this line of attack upon the movement. Clearly, these attacks are going to come no matter what we do or say, so how do we deal with them?

    Believe it or not, one option, and this is the one adopted by Anglin and others, is to pre-empt such attacks through a combination of desensitizing people to these terms/symbols and engaging in over the top dark humor with regards to them, or any other line of attack. You might not agree with this, but it certainly has the novelty of being the solution that nobody had heretofore attempted.

    A second option would be to simply ignore such attacks and continue to focus on getting the truth out there in the hopes that our attacks on them, being true, will be more powerful than their attacks on us, which have the disadvantage for our adversaries of being false. I don't believe his strategy offers much hope for success, but it a possible alternative I suppose.

    Of course it is difficult to get your message out when you are forced literally from the not only the public square, but from the digital public square as well. Apparently free speech for Whites is to be limited to screaming into the darkness where nobody can hear you.

    What we know will absolutely NOT WORK is to cower in fear and repeatedly claim "it ain't so". In fact, denials of charges leveled by your enemy is never an effective countermeasure.

    From my experience of watching politics for decades now, effective rebuttals come in the form of one line dismissals of the charges followed by a torrent of effective attacks upon your enemy's weak point. Sadly, I don't really know how we can apply this strategy effectively to our present situation.

    The first question that must be answered is who is our enemy? I think that clearly it is Jewish power. What are the weaknesses of Jewish power? How can we strike at these weaknesses? What kind of attack would be effective? How do we position ourselves to exploit these weaknesses? I'd like to hear you address these questions as the answers may well hold the key to our survival.

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  5. I think you should stop worrying so much about the alt right or the american political system, although you are right to worry about yourself as a private individual.
    What happened in Charlottesville could have happened even if you were the leader, instead of Spencer. How much time did it take leftists to change the culture in America ? I think more than a 2-3 years. Do you expect to change the culture so fast after decades of leftist control ?
    I think you shouldn't be so pessimistic about the American political system, you did the same in the past and you were wrong. I always thought that Trump would be in the natural cycle in American politics. After Bill Clinton you get Bush, then Obama, then another Republican. And even if Hillary were elected I don't think she would be Trotsky 2.0, more like Obama 2.0. Trotsky 2.0 would be possible only after a civil war like in Russia. These people get in power through force, not elected by people.
    You are right to worry about you as an individual because you are a public figure and this makes you a target for any nutcase out there.

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  7. Someone tell me, why is it respectable to support ideas that have always led to persecutions & mass murder by, for example, Stalin or Mao Tse Tung (ie Communists) & yet it is not respectable to support ideas that lead to persecutions & mass murder by, for example, Hitler (ie Nazis). I am sure that there are quite a few out & out communists in the left wing movement & no doubt some were at Charlottesville & yet THESE supporters of mass murder are not even mentioned, never mind condemned. Trump was right to condemn the violence on both sides, though I am hearing reports that Antifa started it all. All Trump's critics are following the one-sided line peddled by Herbert Marcuse that something, e.g. free speech, should not be tolerated if in one's opinion one finds it offensive. This is the real road to tyranny.

  8. Simply puy Ramz, no matter how much you grovel, disavow, denounce or distance yourself from the Alt Right, White Nationalists and the so called 'Nazis" among the right (even tho the last real Nazis existed in 1945) they're still COMING FOR YOUR LOVED ONES BASED ON YOUR RACE!

    And that goes for all white people, left or right.

    1. They are going to find it a LOT easier to come for your loved ones if morons and cretins insist on prancing around in nazi fancy dress and giving the hitler salute. Bloody morons.

  9. The Daily Stormer back on:

    1. Can only access through TOR at the moment at:


      Looks like the cultural civil war is on.


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