Monday, August 21, 2017

Guerrilla political tactics

As the First Amendment has been effectively been removed from the United States, we now need to get serious and act like a dissent movement.

A few simple rules:

1. Don't attend public demonstrations
2. Don't talk to the media
3. Do not wear uniforms
4. Meet in real life
5. Have fun!


  1. Good advice, Ramz.

    Something else to work on is how to monetize dissident websites and vids.
    There are many bright, courageous and committed people out there (yourself included), but creating viable alternative media platforms requires money on a regular basis.

  2. Not only have you lost the first amendment but you seem to have lost the rule of law too. It is the duty of the police to protect demonstrators from those who wish to violently protest against them. At Charlottesville the police did not protect the 'Unite the Right' demonstrators against Antifa. When this happens you have lost the rule of law & are on the way to a dictatorship. Trump has also betrayed by praising Antifa's actions in Boston last weekend.

  3. ramz. you remind me of aragorn. didnt want to get involved as much as he did. didnt want to be a great leader. but ended up that way. be aragorn ,ramz

  4. God bless you Ramzpaul. You are blessed.

  5. No! While I have maintained for some time that our strength should be our ability to red pill friends and family, people who respect and trust us. No media personality can compete with a person known to and respected by the audience.

    But that being said, we cannot abandon the public square to the enemy! We do not have time for a generations long movement to build and mature. We are faced with our own dispossession RIGHT NOW!

    In Oklahoma, where I reside, the majority of public school children are non-white state-wide this year. For the first time ever. The same thing is happening across the country today.

    We have already dallied too long. Back in the 1980's when the people rose up in opposition to all of this non-white immigration we could still have resolved the problem by rescinding the 1965 Immigration Act and simply enforcing the border. But it is too late for such simple measures to be effective today. Today we must not only restore the pre-1965 immigration policies and enforce the border, we are going to have push out large numbers of those who received amnesty back in the 1980's and their descendants.

    We might be able to accept the some of the descendants of these people as "guests" with no political rights, but most are going to have to be driven out.

    Trump was the last hope for a peaceful solution from within the current system. We are now faced with a choice between war to secure our children's futures or accept our descent into the status of a persecuted and hated minority with NO PLACE ON THE PLANET TO FEE TO.

    Nobody can deprive us of our first amendment rights, unless we allow it. The answer is not to abandon the public square, it is to push our narrative out there in direct competition to that of our enemies.

    The more we push, the more the enemy reveals themselves for what they are. The more difficult it becomes for them to keep the normies distracted. Already we have made great strides and there is a tipping point beyond which the (((establishment))) will be unable to restore their narrative... They are losing their legitimacy and the more they persecute us the more of that legitimacy they lose. We are approaching Soviet levels of disbelief of the (((establishment media))). People are losing their fear of the beast. WE ARE WINNING! Don't give up now.

  6. By the way, Mr. Ramzpaul, thanks for spilling the beans on that jew fag called weev. Here's my list of suspected controlled opposition jews:

    Sam Hyde


    Andrew Anglin

    Alex Linder (a particularly deceptive one)

    So what do you think?

    1. What I don't understand is why the denial of platform attacks have not extended to Richard Spencer and

      Sadly, the government has a long history of infiltrating informants into any political movement that attracts too much attention. Heck in some instances groups are led by informants...


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