Friday, September 8, 2017

NFL players protest national anthem

So we are learned from the Left that -

1. Free Speech does NOT mean you can speak freely without consequences.

So if you get fired from your job for posting something politically incorrect on your own time, that is your own fault!

2. The NFL MUST respect and cherish the players that protest the national anthem.

We must allow the African NFL players to protest the National Anthem during the game without consequences because that is what America is about.

Fuck this gay Earth.


  1. Okay, I can understand doing protests while on company time can get you fired because that is not what they hired you for. But why are sports figures fired or suspended if they are involved in a domestic dispute while on their on time? It isn't the company or teams business what your family situation is at home.

    1. They don't get fired for domestic disputes, they get fired for the criminal violence they commit against their spouses during the disputes. They are allowed to scream and holler at their wives to their hearts content, when they start physically pummeling them in the throws of steroid rages and end up arrested they get fired for the shame they cause the franchise.

    2. But the 'franchise' is based on that type of black masculinity as I'm sure Andrea Ostrov Letania will tell you. I hope 'she' will be here any minute now to explain this to you.


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