Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricanes are overrated

Yes, I know that hurricanes can be deadly. But these storms are common every year, and the death toll has dropped over the years as we now have better weather tracking. In 1900, a hurricane hit Galveston, Texas that killed an estimated 8,000 people. The current death toll for hurricane Irma is 12.

The idea that "climate change" is somehow creating more hurricanes is also not supported by the data.

While it is important to prepare for a hurricane, the hysteria created by the media is way over hyped.

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  1. Asteroid strikes are overrated too. In 2013 a 60-foot asteroid, undiscovered because it came from the direction of the Sun, exploded directly above a city of one million people and killed no one. Much smaller asteroids are usually discovered days or weeks before passing the Earth, or in the case of 2008 TC3, hitting it.


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