Friday, September 15, 2017

Terrorism and censorship

In the wake of today's terrorist attack in London, Trump called for terrorists to be cut off from the Internet.

That sounds good, in theory. But who exactly are the "terrorists?" Well, according to the ADL, the real "terrorists" are White Supremacists." They pushed through a billed through congress condemning "White Supremacists" at Charlottesville. Trump was happy to sign this bill.

There is only one flaw - who exactly decides what is a "White Supremacist?" Because many people consider Trump to be a "White Supremacist." So Trump supported a measure that may, one day, be used to silence himself.

According to the ADL, if you believe that Whites have the same right to life and self-determination as other groups, you are a White Supremacist.


  1. Looks like Trump will sign anything these days. 'Here Donald, just sign this blank cheque for me!' I have lost faith in Trump since his consideration of doing a deal to trade immigrant amnesty for tax cuts. He is throwing away one of his election promises & a large part of his base.

  2. The jews get away with abusing Whites like you, only because enough snow niggers don't push back. My two cents. You have to wonder why so many Whites don't care about issues about which you commonly discuss. Tasmanian Devil out.

  3. Believe it or not Ramz I have defended you time and time again. Even during your fights with Stormer, I defended you believing you'd eventually come around to understanding those right of you's point of view.


    This whole crap of you defending Vox and now trying to bring in the FBI on the whole Weev post and Gab is a bridge too far.

    When the ADL labeled as a hater and basically a terrorist I thought highly of you getting mad and fighting for your free speech rights but when those to the right of you get booted of the entire internet for fucking fat jokes and crude racial humor you throw them under the bus and attack those trying to give them a platform, those who stand for free speech.

    Free speech is good for me but not for thee, ayyy?

    I think you were right saying at AmRen that that would be your last time speaking there. You've now made so many enemies the only question is will youtube demonetize you first or will you just quit for lack of rightwing donations.

    Good going, really smart.

    All you or any of your cuck peers had to do was say "I vehemently disagree with AA and Stormer, Weev and their political tactics but they have the same right to free speech as me.

    Ahh, but that might have got you shut down on the tube isn't that right?

    So in essence, knowing this, you choose to fold under Jewish pressure in order to get a little more time on youtube in exchange of "martyring" yourself, thus sacrificing any long term respect you would have garnished.


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