Monday, November 6, 2017

Are mass shooters disproportionately White Christians?

After a mass shooting you typically will hear from Leftists that we have a White Christian problem. They will admit that, yes, sometimes Muslims commit mass shootings, but the REAL problem is with White Christians.

So I decided to do my own quick and dirty research.  Below are the top 12 deadliest shootings in America's history. Notice that over 50% have happened in the last 10 years.

Here is the chart of the racial and religious backgrounds of the shooters. I have also categorized the motive.

If we look at it racially, Whites are actually lower that what would be expected based on the percentage of the population.

And here are the religious backgrounds of the shooters compared to the population. Muslims and atheists are greatly overrepresented.

The motives can be somewhat unclear. But the big three causes seem to be:

1. Religious hatred
2. Revenge / Financial loss
3. Mental illness


  1. You need to look closely at the photo of Kelley with a beard. It also must be emphasized that his deed was done "dressed in all black". He was not wearing camouflage military fatigues. Come to your own conclusions. I have mine.

  2. So, inn the field of mass shootings, Whites are superior to darkies. No surprise there. White supremacy and high IQ get the job done more efficiently.