Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Orban's Five Fundamental Pillars


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  1. Here is some Yellow Dog Peril.


    Asians are servile to the power. Koreans are esp servile.

    Under Japanese occupation, Koreans collaborated with Japan.

    When US and USSR divided Korea, the northerners soon became toadies of Stalin, and southerners became toadies of the US. In the Vietnam War, southerners served as dogs of the US and joined in the US slaughter of Viets.

    In the past, imitative and servile Koreans became Christians because the US, the biggest power, was Christian.

    Now, the US is ruled by globalists who promote Homomania as the new religion. And the Glob promotes anti-white PC as the new dogma. So, it's natural that Koreans would serve the New Agenda of the biggest power in the world.
    Jeong thinks she is some kind of rebel, but she's just a dog who serves the Power.

    She's so typical of her kind. Attended all the elite institutions and soaked up all the PC attitudes fashionable among the powerful who pretend to be 'progressive'.
    You bet she won't say anything about the plight of Palestinians at editorial meetings because she knows that her bosses are Zionists. Jeong has no idea that the Glob push 'white privilege' narrative to distract people from the Real Power: Jewish Elitism. Just a dog barking for her master.

    Btw, if Jeong is so anti-white, why did she(and so many of her kind) leave her own people and culture behind to come live in a nation founded and built by whites? Why do all these Koreans want to run from Korea and come to nations esp founded by Anglos, such as US, Canada, Australia,and New Zealand.Funny that. They must 'racist' against their own kind and prefer whiteness.


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