Friday, August 3, 2018

Sarah Jeong's racist tweets

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  1. In one sense, Jeong is very pro-American, even all-American.

    Patton said Americans love a winner.

    "Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time."

    So, that is the basis of Americanism. By those standards, why would anyone respect current white Americans? White Christians who founded and built this nation allowed the Jews, 2% of the population, to take over all elite institutions and monopolize many key industries. Even though Jews beat on whites all the time, whites suck up to Jewish power and praise Israel 24/7. Even big tough Donald Trump, though constantly attacked by Jews, grovels to the likes of Adelson and Netanyahu and fully supports Zionist crushing of Palestinians.

    White Americans let blacks enter sports and totally kick white butt. Whites were beaten in boxing, basketball, football. They are bench-warmers or cucky sports fans who cheer black guys who beat whites and sexually conquer white women. When blacks go around beating up whites in schools and streets, but whites never come together. When white monuments are torn down, there is no white protest. If anything, the most passionate whites are those are committed to 'punching nazis'. Even Paul Ryan, leader of GOP in Congress, berates any sign of white identity but is sooooooo very proud of the 3% of him that is Jewish. Mitt Romney praised Antifa that attacked young rightists. Popular culture often portrays black men as cool and white men as silly white boys dufus dorks. Whites don't complain. If anything, white boys listen to rap songs and wiggle their ass to lyrics, 'suck my black dic*'. Even red state Texas is run by the likes of Bush Dynasty who welcome more Mexicans who vote Democratic. Jeb Bush says illegals are patriots and love this country.

    White race has turned into an utter disgrace, a bunch of f***ing losers. By American standards of AMERICANS LOVE A WINNER AND WILL NOT TOLERATE A LOSER, isn't Sarah Jeong's tweets very 'American'? She loves winners of the Current Power and Idolatry: Jews, Homos, and blacks. She feels contempt for weakling whites.

    Indeed, even so much of Jeong-bashing is pathetic in a way. After all, she's small potatoes, a tool, a useful idiot, a toady, and dog. Who made her like this? Let's consider the CONTEXT since we are told context is so important. She was raised with PC education and entertainment by Harvard and Hollywood dominated by Jews. She is the contextual product of globo-homo PC that dominates US media, academia, and entertainment.

    So, all those big tough patriots who never had the courage to speak truth to Jewish(or Negro or Homo) power but are now bashing Jeong like she's some outlier, that is BS. It's stupid to bark back at a dog if you don't have the guts to confront the master who trained the dog to be that way.


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