Thursday, August 31, 2017

Antifa - Useful idiots for the establishment

On a dime, the establishment has turned against Antifa. Just a week ago the establishment was screaming at Trump for suggesting both sides were responsible for Charlottesville. There was even the usual talk of impeachment based on Trump making such shocking remarks.

Well, now that is all forgotten and Antifa now the enemy. Antifa served their purpose as useful idiots for the establishment. And the establishment is making it clear that if they should conduct more attacks without the establishment's permission, people in Antifa are headed to prison.

Monday, August 28, 2017

ADL Starts YouTube Censorship

It did not take long for the ADL to start censoring videos on YouTube. Jared Taylor's video had the honor of being targeted first.

You can still see his video is a sanitized state at this location. Note that YouTube will not allow me to embed his video.

It should be noted that it was not a fundamentalist Christian group that has started wide spread censorship of political videos. No, that honor goes to a left wing Jewish group. It looks like the ADL are the intolerant bigots attempting to silence speech and debate.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are the big three that form a virtual monopoly on social media. If you are censored on these platforms, you basically cannot reach a large audience. This is the obvious goal of groups such as the ADL. They are OK with your freedom of speech, as long as you don't get an audience. Once you get an audience you are a threat to their control of information.

In the short term these companies must be regulated as utilities and be required to respect lawful speech.  The other alternative is to break these companies apart via antitrust legislation.

The long term direction of the Internet is the use of peer-to-peer hosting. Under this model information is distributed and not stored in giant data centers. As such, political groups such as the ADL will have troubles censoring videos in a distributed environment.

The problem of peer-to-peer computing was that it was somewhat complex to use for the average user. However, that has recently changed with applications such as BitChute. Now you can watch distributed videos with a simple click in your browser.

I have recently joined Bitchute and I plan to mirror my YouTube videos at that location. My first Bitchute video can be found here:

A video explaining Bitchute:

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why monuments matter

Most American have forgotten the horrors of the American Civil War. An estimated 625,000 men died in that bloody war. Families were ripped apart. The nation was almost destroyed.

Despite this animosity and bitterness, the country dedicated itself to unification and healing. The South was not treated as conquered territory, but as fellow Americans. Confederate soldiers and generals were esteemed by both the North and the South. For over 150 years, no one thought of trying to desecrate the Southern heritage.

Now the ADL (Google's official censors) is spearheading the effort to topple our monuments and destroy the memory of who we are. This will not end well.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Guerrilla political tactics

As the First Amendment has been effectively been removed from the United States, we now need to get serious and act like a dissent movement.

A few simple rules:

1. Don't attend public demonstrations
2. Don't talk to the media
3. Do not wear uniforms
4. Meet in real life
5. Have fun!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Alt Right - What went wrong?

Initially the Alt Right was a broad coalition of people who rejected mainstream conservatism. However, the movement was not involved with the old school 14/88 White Nationalism. It was fundamentally identity politics for our people without the neo-nazi baggage.

I published an article on January 5, 2016 that explained my vision of the Alt Right.

Sadly, the movement was co-opted by the Hollywood Nazis once Richard Spencer aligned with the Daily Stormer after the infamous "Heilgate".  I warned Richard about the dangers of associating with these Hollywood Nazis privately and in a video response to him. But he insisted on doing a podcast with Anglin the week after Heilgate.

At that time, The Right Stuff (TRS) also aligned with the Daily Stormer. Weev was involved with their web site administration and Anglin was a frequent guest. Based on that I knew it was impossible to rehabilitate the brand, so I ceased to call myself Alt Right.

The establishment has now used Charlottesville as an excuse to shut down anything remotely associated to the Alt Right. We are now witnessing Soviet tier censorship and clamp down on dissent.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville Thoughts

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement Saturday indicating a federal investigation has been opened into the events surrounding the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

We will not be replaced

The original goal of UniteTheRight was to protest the destruction of our monuments and history. After the Civil War, General Lee was recognized and respected by Americans, North and South, as a great American. We put that horrible war behind us and united as a nation. Now certain groups want to tear down monuments to Robert E. Lee. They want to desecrate the graves of our ancestors.

Hate groups, such as the ADL, despise everything that is White and Christian. Their goal is to ethnically cleanse this nation of the people who created this country. They censor our speech, enact employment discrimination laws and teach our children to hate their heritage. If you dare to object, they seek to blacklist you and destroy you financially. I have no doubt that they would like to recreate concentration camps for dissidents as they did in the Soviet Union.

Of course, this same group supports making it ILLEGAL for Americans to boycott their ethnic nationalist state.


The game has changed. This is now more than us just preserving our monuments. This is about us fighting for our nation.

They may kill us. But we are no longer going to submit to their tyranny.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

James Damore - And Yet It Moves

I was honored to be a speaker at a private conference near Toronto, Canada. Most of the attendees were university age students. The goal was to discuss ideas that are now forbidden within the establishment.

Ironically, as I was speaking, James Damore was fired from Google for writing an essay that discussed why women might be represented lower in engineering than in other professions. Based on watching his interviews. James politically seems to be a Left Libertarian who thinks increased diversity is a GOOD thing. However, he argued that blaming it all on the "evil White male patriarchy" might be a tad too simplistic and other ideas should be explored. He also warned that Google was becoming an "echo chamber" that did not allow opposing ideas.

His echo chamber assumption was proved correct as Damore was fired for stating his opinion.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Why we need Free Speech

I will be traveling on Saturday to attend a private forum on Sunday. The event will discuss various issues that are in the news - Free Speech, immigration, trade and foreign relations. Several university professors will be speaking. And I am honored to also be a speaker. My travel was 100% paid for by the organizers of this event.

The event is not that radical but, sadly, we live in a society that is now trying to silence all dissent through censorship, economic terrorism and even physical violence. As such, I will not reveal the location until after the event.

My next video will be on Wednesday. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ADL to censor videos

My last video made the point that it is a waste of time to debate the Left. The announcement by YouTube to have the ADL as official censors of speech proves my point.

Leftists can no longer win the argument so they are resorting to violence. Restricting political speech is a form of violence and justifies self-defense. If you are not able to debate a subject, the only option left is violence.

So it goes.