Friday, June 30, 2017

PawGate - Man sent to jail for Pug's salute

A man in Scotland was jailed for teaching his girlfriend's pug to do a Nazi salute.  The U.K. at this point in an Orwellian nightmare.  

Britain currently has the same level of freedom as North Korea.  And, no, this is not Fake News. I realize that this sounds like something out of The Onion. But you can literally go to jail in Scotland for teaching your dog tricks. 

People laugh at the concept of the "slippery slope",  but I have observed that it is true. Once you claim it is OK to make certain thoughts and speech illegal, there  is no end to what is deemed offensive. I have no doubt that having a Christian cross will one day be considered "hate" in the U.K.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Rebekah Suzanne

But why is he naked?

Hans Christian Anderson, author of The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, is the author of one of my favorite stories: The Emperor’s New Clothes.
The story is about an Emperor who hires weavers to create the most beautiful fabric ever made. The weavers, who are actually con men, convince the Emperor that the fabric has magical properties making it invisible to anyone who is either stupid or not fit for his or her office. At each of the subsequent fittings the nobles lie to the King about the beauty of the garment because they are absolutely terrified he will think they are idiots and unfit for their positions. The lie continues on and on until finally one day the Emperor is parading his new clothes in public and a little girl standing with her father states the unspoken truth: “But he has nothing on at all.” The innocence of the child and the lack of her position convince the crowd that the Emperor is in fact naked.
There are days when I read the news and I feel like the little girl in the crowd. When the heroes of the media are men dressed up as women, praised for being morally superior to everyone else, I am left wondering; do clothes, makeup and plastic surgery really change a person’s gender at a chromosomal level? Where is the biological backing in that? Does surgically modifying one's genitals change what a single thread of their DNA screams? Everyone sees it but no one will say it: The Emperor is naked.
No one cares if a black cop kills a white man but the second a white cop kills a black man the black community starts burning down their own neighborhoods. If black lives really mattered to them then why is black on black crime so prevalent? Why is black on white hate crime disproportionately high yet whites are to blame? The answer is simple; the Emperor is naked.
What about the thousands of illegal immigrant men pouring into Europe, raping women and children? In previously peaceful cities these men have created violent “no go” zones that leave city residents unprotected by the police. These immigrants subscribe to a violent ideology that calls for the systematic murder of Jews and Christians and calls for a blatant disregard for the rule of law. Yet each time one of these illegals blow themselves up in a crowded room or mercilessly butcher innocent pedestrians the media screams that the perpetrators are the victims. Is it just me, or is the Emperor really naked?

I have gone to school for a long time, faced uncomfortable truths and traveled all over the world yet every time I call out the hypocrisy of the Left’s agenda, I magically become a Nazi, white nationalist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, islamophobic, fascist, illiterate, anti-Semitic, uneducated, privileged, misogynist, patriarchal woman. These senseless labels are attached to anyone who opposes the Left’s far reaching goals, regardless of the truth. Truth is truth regardless of personal bias or political agenda. Like the little girl I will not ignore the elephant in the room and I will call a spade a spade, because at the end of the day Emperor is still naked.

Can we move away from identity politics?

Sargon of Akkad has been discussing the importance of moving from identity politics to issue politics. He provides an explanation in this short video. 

But I question if moving away from identity politics is even possible. As humans, we are hard wired to belong to the tribe.  

In a homogeneous country where people share the same ethnicity, religion, language and culture, it is possible to focus more on the issues than on identities. But diversity fractures a society and causes people to look first at identities.  

As such, if we want to move away from identity politics, the answer is nationalism. Within nationalism we share a common identity and debate of the issues is possible. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Three Trump girls + Scotch And THIS Happened! I Can’t Believe It!

Not a bad click bait video title!

Lauren Southern made a video in which she was black pilled (discouraged) about the success of the Right-wing movements. It is easy for us on the Right to stay in our echo chambers and overestimate our popularity. But even our most popular videos don’t match the normie video views of fake prank videos, and scantily clad girls bouncing around.

But the truth is 90% of people don’t care at all about politics or ideology. They will simply follow whatever is fashionable to think. One day these people are celebrating homosexuality as the highest value and the next day the same people would celebrate homosexual executions under Sharia Law. They will conform to whoever they perceive is in charge and has power.

But the good news is that 90% of the people have 0 influence in politics or cultural trends. As the majority of these people have an IQ under 100, they are not exactly going to debate the finer points of Nietzsche. They just want to laugh at a video of a man getting hit in the groin with a ball.

The people at the margins (both Left and Right) determine the direction of a country.  As such, being on the margin means we will never have mass appeal of crude entertainment. But such mass appeal is not necessary to make a change.

However, we do need to reach some normies, and the most effective way to do so is through entertainment. The Cultural Marxists realized this when they focused on pushing their message in comedy television shows of the 1970s. Shows such as All in the family, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore Show, were more effective in changing opinions than a thousand thousand speeches from Trotsky, On the Right, we must do the same. But the platform now is the Internet, not television.

“Pretty Up Front”

In many of the industries I worked in the marketing slogan was “pretty up front.” I first heard this when I was a kid in High School working in a restaurant. The managers always put the prettiest girl “up front” as the hostess to the greet the customers. If you were an older woman, or not as attractive, you were expected to work as a waitress or back in the kitchen.

This “pretty up front” tactic was also used in the tech industry for years. Booth babes were used at conventions to attract customers and interest. “Sex Sells” is a marketing truism.

In a similar manner, sex sells for ideology. Below is a gif Rebel Media used for Lauren Southern.  Rebel Media understood this was a more effective way to market Lauren than to post her CV. This was a smart tactic.

However, unlike a Tech Convention, we just can’t have bimbos with no brains to be “up front.” We also need these girls to be smart and articulate. Lauren is both pretty and smart, so she is ideal to put up front. And Lauren is not unique, there are other young women in our movement who are both attractive and intelligent. Lana from Red Ice Radio is one such example.

And this is not “White Knighting” or “Thirst”, it is the cold and calculating reality of how best to market a product or, in our case, an idea. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

I Quit Politics

A clarification - I am not disavowing anyone. I am just not choosing sides in any political drama. I also will no longer comment on political drama.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

SBC Circles Wagons; Culls Alt-Right

Charles Sherrard

With all of the problems facing Western Civilization right now, we should all applaud the bravery of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) for focusing on the real menace facing our institutions: the groundswell movement which catapulted Donald Trump into the White House known as the “Alt-Right.”  Yes, the SBC has gone against the grain of the mass media and pop culture for Christ by attacking a loose conglomeration of flag-waving anti-transnationalist Americans who want to build a Nehemiah-like wall, have the audacity to seek to curb the influx of Muslims into their Christian country, and along the way might like to whip a few moneychangers.  Yes, the same SBC that recently elected a non-white President to ensure that fewer White men hold its administrative offices, because as we all know God is for racial quotas in the body of Christ.  Yes, the same SBC that as recent as last year resolved to give unwavering support to the Jewish Nationalists in the Middle East who also recently refused to accept African refugees into their land.
In Christian form, the SBC resolved last Wednesday to curse the Alt-Right for its “white supremacy” as well as “every form of racial and ethnic hatred as a scheme of the devil.” (emphasis added).  Noted theologians at appeared jubilant in the progressive achievement.  No effort was made to define what it meant to be Alt-Right or white supremacist, and no individuals presented evidence or cross-examination as to why another group of countrymen should be slurred in such a way, but, after all, it’s [current year] and almost every non-Christian group opposes the undefined Alt-Right as racists, so of course the Resolution passed with thunderous applause.
As a (former) member of the SBC, there is little surprise in the author after hearing the news.  One of the last events I attended was a “Crunk for Christ” rap concert that left me scratching my head.   The SBC has completely lost direction from its founding and one wonders why they haven’t just closed shop and started a new organization without the baggage of its foundation.  On the other hand, I think the writing has been on the walls for years and most simply stay with the SBC because that has been their family’s tradition.  But then one has to wonder still if those congregants condemn their fathers or believe that their salvation was grandfathered in because it wasn’t [current year] when they were worshipping the same God under the same statutes.  I would surmise that these are a lot of the same people who cringe in the pews when they read to the end of Job and realize his daughters were described as “fair.”
Incidentally, and perhaps as the answer to the riddle, the SBC like the Federal Government has a strong-ally-in-the-middle-east which shares many congruent objectives with what the Alt-Right appears to promote: ethno-nationalism.  In fact, the SBC itself resolved that it shares many values with Israel, and had any probing been done on the matter, it may have been discovered that the SBC shares many values with the Alt-Right.  But alas, it was simply assumed that the Alt-Right was against the Word of God and it was therefore resolved that the Alt-Right is “of the devil.”  As such, the Convention cuts out a large swath of souls because it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Granted, there are racists who identify as Alt-Right-ers, but the act of condemning a group that doesn’t have a leader, does not have an official platform, does not have card carrying members, and is basically no more than “an organized movement, mostly online that rejects mainstream conservatism, promotes nationalism and views immigration and multiculturalism as threats to White identity” is simply laughable and illusory.  All SBC has done is used its power to further disenfranchise a group of patriotic and intelligent Americans, some of whom may need love more than anyone else in the country.  Moreover, the Resolution ignores the disconnect between its support for an ethno-nationalist state, namely Israel, and its cursing of Whites who see the demographic challenges and want nothing different than what Israel already does.  The SBC may have even found that other Alt-Right-ers look to the Bible for an understanding of how to properly govern a Nation and simply disagree on some of scripture’s application to our Constitutional Republic, but contemporaneously agree on Acts 17:26, Psalm 24:1, Acts 10:34–35, Galatians 3:27–28, Revelation 5:9, and Revelation 7:9 as cited in the Resolution.  Yet there was no inquiry into this, just a rushed, blanket condemnation of what has proven to be a potent political camp.
Hopefully SBC readers will understand that being in favor of a European ethno-state – or, for that matter, mere city or county – does not mean that one must necessarily be opposed to an Israeli ethno-state; that the two are not mutually exclusive, and it is not exclusive to other kindreds having homogenous territories or incompatible with coexisting amongst other multiethnic-states if other countries so desire. Their great paradox is that, as the Resolution itself correctly cites Revelation 7:9 (After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands (KJV)) (emphasis added), the group advocating for the retention of a White nation, that is to say, a homogeneous jurisdiction of White Christians, is the “white nationalist” Alt-Right congregants who they have now condemned as heathens.  
Several questions arise: do the proponents of the Resolution believe that there will even be a White nation when Christ returns, or will White men like myself go the way of the Dodo bird? If no, then their objective is apparent, and the follow-up question would of course be whether that is a desirable thing.  If yes, then who shall be the one to stand up for the preservation of the White nation in the face of demographic decline?  And are those Christians then actually just “racists” condemned to hell? Has divine Providence predestined the issues of Job to be hopelessly commingled with other tribes and nations? Will Christ’s 1000 Year Reign even be occupied by Caucasians at all?  Or will the Reverend Al Sharpton XIII organize protests in the White nation once Christ returns for His bride?
If anything, the SBC needs to understand that, if it is really in the business of winning souls, disparaging internet trolls as pawns of the Devil will not be very effective.  If it is actually concerned with these lost little lambs and it wasn’t just political grandstanding by the proponent, perhaps there should have been more deliberation over the Resolution or the proper procedure would have been to table the matter until less inflammatory phrases could be used and finer details could be hammered out like, you know, what does and does not constitute a member of the Alt-Right.  Nope, it was just railroaded through, the Alt-Right be damned – whoever they are.
Allegedly one person dissented in the vote.  Anybody know who?  He should be congratulated for keeping a foothold in the discussion.

RAMZPAUL: Work is bullsh*t.

Gavin provided the basic conservative arguments against welfare. Welfare makes people lazy. People that are on welfare are fat and should get jobs. And so on. He also cited that approximately 20% of the populace is on some type of welfare.

The problem is that his definition of “welfare” is somewhat narrow.  According to the data, 21,995,000 in 2015 were directly employed by the government. Per the chart below, that are almost twice as many people in government as there are in manufacturing. The government is a HUGE jobs provider. And it is the government’s stated goal to give preference to women and “people of color.”

The question is how many of these governments jobs are actually productive?  And in a real sense you could consider these people to be on “welfare.”

But the scope of government welfare jobs also is found in private industry. Many such jobs are directly tied to government contracts. And many private jobs are due to the result of government mandates.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do you support a North Korea travel ban?

There is no doubt that North Korea is a brutal communist dictatorship. The stories of atrocities are legendary. In a UN report concerning the North Korean legal system, the report highlighted a case in which a cleaning woman was sent to a concentration camp for accidently breaking a picture of Dear Leader. In another episode, a man was sent to prison for using a newspaper to clean up a drink spill. It seems the newspaper used to clean the spill had an image of Dear Leader.  And this sort of heresy cannot go unpunished in North Korea.

Based on the legal history of North Korea, it is obvious Otto was not persecuted for being an American. Any North Korean citizen would have received the same fate for stealing a propaganda poster.

However, most Americans who visit North Korea understand the rules and are careful not to run into legal problems. It is estimated that approximately 1,000 American citizens visit North Korea every year. And in the past ten years, only 16 Americans have been detained out of the approximately 10,000 who have visited - less than 1%. Not bad odds.

Travel to such oppressive countries does have some strategic upsides. A prison state runs into long term problems when it allows its citizens have contacts with outsiders. Yes, even when the tourists are carefully monitored, ideas slowly seep out to the populace. Ideas that maybe, just maybe, Americans are not all the evil devils as they have been taught since childhood.

I am a firm supporter of strong borders. But I am also an advocate of tourism and interacting with people of other cultures. While visiting North Korea has some risk, the benefits are worth it. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

“Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!”

Rebekah Suzanne

When reading the news it sometimes feels like I am re-living the scene from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow are all walking through the woods listening to unfamiliar sounds. Dorothy wonders aloud if there could be wild animals in the woods. Calmly the Tin Man tells them there are only lions, tigers and bears. That revelation leads them to repeat in more rapid and frantic succession the phrase that every American knows by heart:
“Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!”
US headlines are getting progressively more fearful regarding our strained relations with Putin’s Russia. The news only seems to get darker and more frightening; each story building on the next. What started with the Cold War has turned into an excuse to create a scapegoat, for every American failure, in the Kremlin. Instead of “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!” it has turned to “Putin and Russia and ISIS! Oh my!”
In reading and re-reading US news articles, AP wire stories, US government press releases, British articles, Russian articles I came across a gem of an article that turns the Russian scapegoating on it’s ear.  It is an opinion piece from The Moscow Times written by Mark Galeotti .  
This article is a shining light of what news should be-especially in its opinion pieces-a rational look at multiple sides of an issue. Instead of running from imaginary beasts-the lions and tigers and bears-we are accountable as citizens to be well informed, to put our ever changing emotions to the side and divide wild accusation from fact. Fact alone is what is grounded in reality. My dad had a friend who passed away several years ago who was known for saying over and over that we must judge by “Results: often harsh but, always fair.”  As humans, fear will always be there to taunt us. Left unchecked, fear will only grow into more and more wild imaginations grounded less and less in reality.

If we want to create a great nation then we must be able to look evil in the face and call it evil. For too long Americans have called good evil and evil good. We have rewarded and coddled liars, thieves and cowards. As a nation based on Western government and ideology and people these actions grate against the core of who we are. A people who live in fear are already conquered. We are not the children of the conquered. We are the offspring of noble men, of heroes and legends. It is our destiny to make America great once more. It is our destiny to face the scary woods with strange noises and uncover that those who oppose us are nothing more than cowardly lions.  

I love Boston puppies

Probably my favorite breed of dog is the Boston Terrier. What is yours?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Goodbye Mom

As many of you know, my mother passed away on March 13th of this year. On Saturday, June 17 we are having the memorial service in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  Yes, it is unusual to have the service three months after the death and burial. But this is the first time we could get all the family together from across the nation. My brother has flown in from California and he will be helping me with the services. I had dinner with him this evening.

I hate to miss creating videos, but I hope you understand. Tomorrow my on-line time will be limited. And I will be on the road all day Sunday. On Monday, I will create a new pubic video and one for Patreon. I will load these videos on Tuesday morning. From that point on, we will be back on the usual schedule.

Thank you all for your support. I really do appreciate it.

Tomorrow, is the day I say my final farewells to my Mom.

Red Noon At Helltowne

Sadly, many talented writers are blacklisted from major book publishers due to “diversity” requirements. Many authors have been told that if they are a straight White male, they should not even bother to submit their work.

The good news is that the old publishing model is crumbling and technology has allowed authors to bypass these gatekeepers.  And one of these authors is Dan Osarchuk.

Dan asked me to review his book, Red Noon at Helltowne. I was somewhat reluctant to do so, as book reviews are not my thing. And I have also found that probably 80% of the books I pick up to read, don’t hold my interest. I have become very busy and I don’t have that much time to read for fun.

But I gave this book a shot, and I am glad I did. The book is an easy and fun read set in a futuristic fantasy setting. It reminds me of what would happen if Lord of the Rings mixed with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  The book is more fun and witty than a serious epic adventure. And the object of ridicule is political correctness.

This book was a blessing, because I had been looking for a good fantasy book to read before I go to sleep at night. But most of the new releases are heavy with gay, transgendered, you go grrrrl themes. So this book was quite refreshing.

Another thing I liked about this book was the glossary that was included. I found that helped me keep track of the characters and locations.

Is Red Noon at Helltowne destined to be the next fantasy classic such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings? No. And that is fine. It is an easy to read enjoyable book that will appeal to people who are opposed to the stifling political correctness of our day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Will the Left be held responsible?

(I released this video yesterday due to the events in the news. Usually I like to publish a video in the morning. But I made an exception in this case.)

When these sorts of events happen, I always like to play the game of “imagine.”

Let’s imagine that James T. Hodgkinson worked on the campaign of Donald Trump. And let’s imagine, that Hillary won the election. And that after the election, the Republicans called Hillary’s Presidency “illegitimate” and urged their supporters to take to the streets and “resist.”

Now let’s imagine instead of trying to massacre Republicans, James targeted Democrats. And upon investigation of his Facebook it was determined that he was a fan of American Renascence and RAMZPAUL.  What do you think the media’s reaction would be?

We don’t have to imagine, because we have an example – Dylann Roof. In that case, every conservative web site that Dylann Roof visited was held liable by the media. Because Dylann has a confederate battle flag in an old pic, flags and monuments were torn down.

Will the SPLC be held responsible for Hodgkinson’s shooting? Will left wing monuments be torn down? Will the homosexual flag be banned? Rhetorical. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Protecting our past - Virginia Flaggers

A viewer requested that I make a video concerning Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers. I was not aware of this group but, after doing some initial research, I was impressed. The Virginia Flaggers is an organization dedicated to preserving Virginia’s history and heritage.

Over 150 years have passed since the Civil War. During those years Americans reconciled and honored the memory of the soldiers who fought on both sides in that horrible war. I personally have an ancestor who died fighting for the Union as part of the Indiana Regiment.  Despite my family history of fighting for the North, my father gave me the middle name of “Lee” in honor of that great Virginian - General Lee.

Now extremist organizations such as the SPLC, are cheering the ISIS like destruction of monuments and gravesites of Confederate soldiers. Such organizations hate traditional America and want to erase our past.  Thankfully, we have brave people such a Susan Hathaway who are willing to honor their ancestors.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Should Alex Jones be denied a platform?

There is a debate if people who have “conspiracy theories” should be denied a platform. It seems that Alex Jones previously doubted the official Sandy Hook story. And giving Alex a platform causes “pain” to a mother of one of the victims.

For the record, I do not believe Sandy Hook was a false flag to generate support for gun control. However, it is obvious that gun control advocates jump on any shooting to push their political agenda. But this does not necessarily mean that they create these incidents.

Within a free society we must allow open debate about all subjects. Because sometimes the official story is wrong or a lie. And we can’t censor the investigation of truth because it might hurt someone’s feelings. A civilization that is based on lies cannot stand.

One such “conspiracy theory” that turned out to be true was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. We now know that this incident never happened. The only debate now was if it was an honest mistake or if it was a false flag to get us deeper in the Vietnam War.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pro Sharia - Virtue Signaling Gone Wild

We had the strange sight of people marching in the West against Sharia Law. And even the stranger sight of homosexuals, transgender weirdos, feminists, etc. opposing the opposition to Sharia!

Sharia Law enforces primitive and barbaric punishment based on the teachings of a violent cult that originated in the desert 1,500 years ago. Unlike Christianity that teaches love and forgiveness, Islam has always been about submission or facing death.

As we have imported these people in our homelands, we are SHOCKED to discover that these people do not intend to change their values. No, many want to impose their religious law (Sharia) on the rest of us.

And crimes under this primitive religious system include married women speaking to other men. Per below, a woman was flogged for this crime.

The Sharia punishment for homosexuality is death.  Such execution methods include stoning or throwing homosexuals off buildings.

So why would leftists advocate Sharia when it would mean their literal deaths?

Typically, SJWs fall into one of three categories:

     1.  Ignorance

One of the favorite slurs of the Left is to scream that we are “ignorant.” But the average SJW has zero sense of history or a knowledge of religions. They just mindlessly parrot what they have been taught in school and see on TV. And their TV has taught them that all religions are basically the same. The only difference with Islam is that they have a different fashion sense. And people who claim otherwise are “ignorant bigots.”

    2. Virtue Signaling

Many SJWs have no desire to live under Sharia, but they also have a high time preference. Meaning, they don’t think anyone will soon throw them off a building for being a degenerate. But, for now, they can get good “virtue points” by taking selfies and making YouTube videos of them fighting “ignorance” and “hate.”

    3.  Hated of Whites and Christians

Many of these people have an absolute hatred of Whites and Christians and would gladly see them die, even if it meant their own death. These people have been taught since childhood that Whites and Christians are the source of all evil.  So, yeah, they may also die at the hands of Muslims. But at least those even Whites and Christians would also die!

The root of the problem in the West is that our people have mostly abandoned Christianity. We are no longer Christian nations. And the modern Christianity that we have in the West is weak and ineffectual. As such, our people like a shield to protect themselves from an alien invasion.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Feminist Magazine Defames Christian Woman

WifeWithAPurpose (Ayla) is a former SJW who turned traditional in a big way. She is now married, has six children and is devout in her Christian faith. And she actively promotes traditional values on her YouTube videos, Twitter and blog.

This alone would be considered "problematic" by the modern Left. But Ayla commits the ultimate heresy in insisting that there is nothing wrong with being White. Gasp!

Ayla is dangerous to the Left because she does not fit the stereotypical image of a "white supremacist."  The SPLC is fine with you supporting White identity as long as you look like a meth head with swastika tattoos screaming racial slurs. Hell, if you sport that look they will probably help to fund you.

The media LOVES this look

The media HATES this look

And if you ever listen to Alya you will quickly realize that she does not "hate" other people. She is a sweet lady who just advocates for her people and heritage. If she was any other race, this would not be an issue. For example, if Ayla advocated traditional Jewish values or Hispanic values, I have no doubt that she would have television show. But because she is White, this is forbidden.

The article also claims that she "promotes white supremacy disguised as white heritage pride." Oh? It would be interesting to for Bust magazine to explains how one can support "white heritage pride" without being defamed as a "white supremacist."

And notice the state of our so-called objective media. The following phrases are used in the Bust article:

  • bigoted beliefs
  • hate-filled rhetoric
  • All That Is Bad About The Internet

But if you spends even the slightest amount of time reading her essays or watching her videos, you would find the opposite is true. This is why the mainstream media no longer has credibility. People can easily check for themselves and see that they are liars.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

ramzpaul - behind the scenes

Thank you all for your support of RAMZPAUL. As I now focus on RAMZPAUL full time, look for the following changes:

1. Update to be a source of news and commentary

As you probably noticed, I have used primarily as just a place to link my videos. I may have added a blurb of text to supplement the video, but that was about it.

My goal is to greatly expand this site to include nationalist news/commentary from around the world.  To that end I am working behind the scenes with some reporters and commentators to provide content to this site. If you are interested in such work, please contact me at

2. Video strategy

As I have a greater commitment to my public videos, I plan to create a new video every day for you. Every morning when you wake up, expect to see a new ramzpaul video.

As censorship is increasing across all social media, these public videos will not be able to discuss sensitive subjects (such as terrorism, immigration, race) in a direct manner. I am proud that in my 10 years of making vids, I have never had a video taken down for "hate." To continue with that streak, I will have to abide by the ever confusing and ever changing censorship policies.

I will also create an unlisted video every morning. These videos will be advertiser free. As such, on unlisted videos I will have more freedom to discuss sensitive subjects. However, I am still required to comply with Google's TOS even with these unlisted videos.

You can gain exclusive access to these videos for only $5 a month on Patreon.


3. Ideology / Philosophy

My ideology and philosophy has been consistent over the years. I believe in identity and self-determination for all people.

A couple of my vids discussing this matter:

Yes, I know that the SPLC will call me a "Nazi" anyway. But I can't let their defamations dictate my positions.

As such, I call myself just a "nationalist." When the "Alt Right" was a broader term I also identified with that label. But over time the term "Alt Right" has changed. Alt Right is now primarily Richard Spencer's brand. And, to be clear, I do NOT disavow Richard. Richard is a very courageous man. He has earned the right to the "Alt Right" brand. When people or the media think of "Alt Right" they think of Richard.

I also don't want to be accused of "co-opting" the Alt Right brand. This was an issue when certain Hollywood Nazi types did an about face and suddenly claimed the Alt Right was always about Neo-Nazism and cartoonish antisemitism. And anyone on the Alt Right who opposed this was a "cuck" and needed to be purged before they "co-opted" the movement. Whatever. I decided (as did many others) that this was not the hill to die on, and I would self-purge.

My original view of the Alt Right was below:

And the mainstream exposure of the Alt Right exploded with Milo's Breitbart article. My views were heavily referenced in this article which explained the Alt Right to normies.

But my view of the Alt Right is pretty much dead. So I moved on.

4. Finances

I believe that transparency is the best policy concerning financial matters. As such, I believe you have the right to know how your money is used.

Background - I am not independently wealthy. I am retired from the IT industry. Returning to consulting jobs is now impossible (I have tried) now that the SPLC has defamed me and put me on a blacklist.

However, I have been wise with my money over the years and I have no debt.

All of my Patreon money will go to This will cover such items as:

1. Equipment (computer, camera, lights, software, microphones)

2. Paying for journalists and other contributers

As such, I can promise you that 100% of your money is going to help with the show and web site. The money I make from Patreon is publicly viewable. I will keep you updated as to how the money is spent.

The money from Patreon has been a blessing, but it is currently not enough to pay for all the above items. As such, any deficit is covered with my own savings.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

James Comey and Russian Hackers

Kurt Eichenwald caught with tentacle porn on his computer created more buzz yesterday that Jame Comey's testimony. That should tell you all you need to know about the Russian Conspiracy.

Of course, the fact that there is NO evidence that Russia "hacked the election" the Democrats and willing lackeys in the media will continue to spout these lies. After all, their whole ideology is a lie.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Katie McHugh fired from Breitbart for speaking the truth

This was the tweet that got Katie fired from Breitbart:

Of course, everyone knows that what she said is true. But in a society that is now based on lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Breitbart has been blacklisted from most advertisers for not conforming to the Cultural Marxist dogma. My guess it that they hope by throwing Katie under the bus that this will appease the Left. It will not. All that this has accomplished is cutting off much of Breitbart's base.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reality Winner now faces reality

Well, what do you know? It looks like the recent leaks were not the results of some Russian hacking conspiracy, but an inside job by some deranged NSA contractor who now calls herself Reality Winner.

Her social media is full of her spewing hatred of Trump and of making racist statements against Whites. Of course, such actions are of no concern to the NSA when granting security clearance.

The entire US government has become a clown show.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is RAMZPAUL a Secret Russian Agent?

There was a recent article in The Atlantic creating the narrative that there is some sort of vast Russian-Jobbik-Alt Right conspiracy that is based in Budapest.  I am mentioned in the article because I have had the pleasure of visiting Budapest a few times and I have mentioned how I admire how Hungary protects its borders.

Based on a couple of Swedes and a couple of Americans living in Budapest who share roughly the same ideology, Carol Schaeffer, the author of the article, made the wild assumption that we must all meet on a regular basis and have secret meetings. Carol's vision is that we are a Right Wing version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders.

So to clear up the media lies and slander, here are the facts:

1. I have never met a Hungarian politician
2. I have never met anyone from Jobbik
3. I visited Hungary as a tourist. I never overstayed my tourist Visa.
4. I have never met any politician from Russia
5. I have never attended any political function in Hungary
6. Daniel Friberg (or anyone else) has not "bankrolled" me
7. I have met Daniel, and others, a couple of times for social reasons.
8. I had my own apartment in Budapest. 95% of the time I had no contact with the other so-called "Alt Right" people in the city.
9. I never met Nick Griffin.
10. I do admire Hungary and the Hungarian people.

I also got an interview request from Casey Michael who is a freelance journalist that pushes the "Russian Conspiracy" narrative.  I declined the interview as I already know what he is going to write.

I did another video about the Atlantic article that you can access via my Patreon account.

Monday, June 5, 2017

What to do when the whale swallows you?

As I predicted, Kathy Griffin will soon be "rehabilitated" and accepted back by the Left. While she temporarily lost some jobs, she will gain more in the future as the official narrative is revised to "the heroic woman who dared to stand up to Trump.".

On the Left, if you should go over the edge the worst penalty you will get is a mild wrist slap. Then all is forgiven. On the Right, just daring to suggest that all people have the right to life and self-determination, including Whites, will get you blacklisted forever. After all, there can be no forgiveness for "Hate."

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Theology of Incidents

They slaughter our women and children and we do nothing.

Paris Accords Scam

The Paris Accords was basically just a scam to transfer US tax money to Third World nations. It has NOTHING to do with “climate change” as the two most populated countries – China and India were exempt from carbon emission limits. In practical terms this was just another way to screw American companies and force their relocation to China and India where they would face no such restrictions.

Goldman Sachs was upset because they had planned to “manage” and “package” this transfer of money as part of their continuing effort to loot America.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, claimed that they support the Paris Agreement and the fight against “Climate change.” And, yet, these hypocrites continue to manufacture their iPhones in China which is exempt for such restrictions.

Friday, June 2, 2017

California and Single Payer Health Care

California looks close to passing a single payer health plan. The plan would provide free health care and medicine to all residents and illegal immigrants. The estimated cost (estimated by Democrats) is $400 billion a year - twice the State's budget.

Obviously, there is no way to implement such a plan on a state level. Unlike the Federal government, California cannot print new money. So the money has to come from somewhere. As California is already heavily taxed, any new taxes will simply drive more productive people and businesses out of the state. And the "free" health care will act as a magnet for the loser of the world.